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A Giants Celebration

By Paige Turner

Last Saturday’s Giants versus the Cardinals game proved that the Giants are still on a team high, celebrating last year’s win with the ceremony of the championship rings and letting everyone know that they are in it for another great season. Continue reading

March Madness: Year of the Underdogs

By Malinda O’Brien

Every March the U.S. goes into a massive college basketball frenzy. Everyone is living and breathing basketball. Every channel seems to have a basketball game on. Fans represent their teams with clothing and merchandise to show off who they think has what it takes to win it all. Friends and family compare brackets to see if they can predict the winner of every game out of sixty-eight teams. Continue reading

Track & Field

By Arbaz Quarashi and Audrey Schlacter

Our Field Reporters, Audrey Schlachter & Arbaz Quarashi, report on Track’s promising 2011 season. Continue reading


By Christina Valdez

John F. Kennedy’s boys’ volleyball season has had a phenomenal season so far this year. This year these Titan boys have exceeded all expectations through rigorous practice and training. The progress made by this team has surprised a lot of people around the league, and the team is proud to proclaim that they have gone from a 7-17 record to a 10-5 record in just one year. Continue reading

Book Review: Howl’s Moving Castle

By Avalon Roberts

When you think of Howl’s Moving Castle, you probably think of the animated film. It was a very good film! It was also based on a book: Howl’s Moving Castle, by Diana Wynne Jones. This review is about that book. Continue reading

When Books Become Films

By Jessica Martinez

Don’t you just love when your favorite books are turned into T.V. shows or movies? There have been several books that were adapted into successful and highly popular shows, such as Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries. Continue reading

Off The Grid

By Sonja Pinck and Avalon Roberts

Imagine what would happen if the Internet stopped working, if cell phones stopped working. There would be no Facebook, no Twitter, no texting. In the age of the Internet, something like that seems absolutely horrible, like everyone would just die for lack of information – if it even happened, which of course it couldn’t. Continue reading

Equal Rights

By Katherine Schluntz

I am concerned about the equal rights of the gay and lesbian people in our country. I believe they should have the right to marry just as men and women do. Continue reading